Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thoughts of Thanksgiving

I should be doing the domestic thing today, but for the first time in forty years I am not cooking for Thanksgiving. We are going to our oldest daughter’s house in Michigan where the entire clan will gather for dinner tomorrow. And guess what? She’s not cooking either! She got on the phone, as any working woman would, and ordered up the whole shebang to be picked up tonight on the way home from the office. On the one hand I marvel at it, but there’s a small stubborn part of me that believes Thanksgiving requires familiarity with the innards of a turkey. As it turned out though, I am not mourning the lack of a large naked bird here today. After this week I’m ready to crash with the little people tomorrow and watch the entire Macy’s parade undisturbed by the oven timer.

But it really wouldn’t be the holiday if I didn’t cook something, so I made an apple pie this afternoon (she has pumpkin ordered) and am planning on making a vegetable dish of sliced roasted Brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds, and walnuts right before dinner. When we were in Michigan last week we watched Bobby Flay make a wonderfully involved one with all of the above and more, including a vanilla bean, and pomegranate molasses. I had hoped to surprise everyone with that, but the feasibility factor is zero at this late date. The chances of me finding pomegranate molasses without a trip into Akron to the West Point Market are about as likely as finding a first edition To Kill A Mockingbird at an FOL bag day.

Besides, I have to go back to the antiques mall tonight. I processed a ton more books and feel compelled to drag them over there. Someone asked me this morning why it took me so long to process books, so I guess it’s time to stop blaming the tickets I had to make and tell you the whole Monk-like story. The fact is I am not content to just take the books as I found them. I have to CLEAN them, whether they need it or not, put the ones with jackets in mylar, sand edges, tighten bindings, and otherwise twitter and fuss. I do this for all the ones I ship and will do it now for all the ones that go to the mall.  I know, I know. People sell books every day without going nuts, but when it comes to books I’m a tad OCD. Besides, I'm  thankful for the simple pleasure of it.

This Thanksgiving I feel so blessed, not only for small pleasures, but large ones too.For a husband who laughs at my humor, helps me with whatever crazy notion I concoct, bolsters my spirits, and shleps boxes of books that weigh more than I do. For my two charming daughters who make me laugh, help ease me kicking and screaming into the electronic world, and ask for my opinions. For my sweet little grandsons who ask nothing of me but hugs and kisses, stories and games, songs and dances, long walks, and an occasional run around the lake. I’m thankful for being a bookseller, for books to read, for good health and good sense, good friends and good times.

And lastly, I am thankful for all of you who allow me to think out loud and encourage me with your notes and emails. I wish for you this Thanksgiving peace, laughter, and a very good pie -- your choice of filling.


Saturday Evening Post said...

Pie good.

Cheryl said...

I'm able to catch up on your blog because I am also NOT COOKING! Thanks to my verging on vegetarian husband we have the whole thing cooked AND carved by Buehlers. He begged not to have to look at a carcass. My only cooking is a dish of green beans caesar which I make ahead. Now the task will be to get everything reheated.

tess said...

I had to laugh about the turkey carcass. My oldest daughter is the same way -- her husband had to do it. You know, sinc I mentioned buying this dinner ready made FOUR people, including you, said they had done the samne. I think I am the last hold-out!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pie!

tess said...

Thanks! But I thought of you and your blog post about the apples earlier in the fall. The apples anymore do not have the flavor they used to. The crust was good, the spices were good, but I found the apples disappointing. I used Granny Smiths and they were very crisp and beautiful, but not much taste, raw or cooked.

Unknown said...

Love your blog. Happy Thanksgiving.

Alton Brown says you must have mixed apples. Equal parts Granny Smith, golden delicious, Braeburn and can't remember the fourth. I make plans of learning to bake pies but never have.

tess said...

Thanks for the vote of approval.

You're right about the combinations -- you ARE supposed to use multiple varieties of apples, though you are more learnd on this topic than I am. I used to use Granny Smiths and MacIntosh which worked well. But I found the apples to be rather soft, so I stuck with the Granny Smiths alone. They were okay,but I am a stickler, so I wasn't happy with the result. I noted your list and will try that. Thanks!